The former British Southern Cameroon known to the Republic of Cameroon as the southwest and the northwest regions or better still as AGLOPHONES, known to the Ambazonians as the northern and the southern zones was once an Independent state with a well defined boundaries,its parliament and everything that goes with statehood.with Buea as its capital.she was the first country to practice democracy in Africa.There was a smooth transition of power from E.N Endeley who was the first prime minister to John Ngu Forcha.What happened in 1961 that this freedom was taken away from us…….?

It was claimed that we obtained independence by ‘joining “the Republic of Cameroon on the 1st of October 1961.Wheras it was recolonization.Where is the legal documents binding these two countries together?What happened to the terms of the agreement.What we got out of this  relationship was  total assimilation.

Today we are completely assimilated by the Biya regime.Our judiciary and educational systems  destroyed.Our culture erased.Everything was based on falsehood.

Our identity today is that of Bribery and corruption, alcoholism ,liars ,laziness  dishonesty.Gros violation of human rights..we say no to this.

When we as a people decided to come out to say we have had enough of this go back to the gentleman agreement  you had we our parents what happened.?Mr Biya declared war on us in December 2017.And since then he has been killing our people destroying our properties  rapping our girls and with thousands of refugees in neighbouring Nigeria.Ghana and thousands Internally displaced with marjority of our people staying in the bushes with no access to health care

How then can we cohabit again with those who treat us as slaves.

Bearing in mind  that we are very much aware of who we are  we are resisting any form of oppression . humiliation.carnage from our colonial master the Republic of Cameroon.

I am determined  to be part of the people who must bring back our dignity and glory. Long live the people of Southern Cameroon.We must overcome.

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