Ambazonia Rising to Fall no More

By Lesley Funwie

The history of warfare teaches us a number of valuable lessons. These lessons apply to everyone, everywhere and to all situations anytime:

Lesson 1. The Right solution must follow the right diagnosis.

Lesson 2. Military solutions are only valid for military problems.

Lesson 3. You can win a war but still lose the fight.

Lesson 1. The right solution must always follow the right diagnosis.

The problem in Cameroon with Anglophones is discrimination, marginalization and assimilation. Mr. Biya has never acknowledged this to be true. The reason is simple. He is both the architect and the enabler of the problem-therefore, the problem itself.

Mr. Biya is not in denial of the existence of the Anglophone problem. He knows about it. He has always known about it, but doesn’t want to solve it. He is bent on defeating this legitimate fight because he sees it as an affront to his long held philosophy of uniting the county under one French culture.

His entire legacy revolves around this. If he fails to defeat this uprising, he will see himself as a failure. Mr. Biya is not prescribing the wrong solution to the right problem out of ingorance. He is doing so in full knowledge of it.

Lesson 2. Military solutions are only valid for military problems.

It is well established that only a military problem is amenable to a military solution. If Anglophones were treated fairly, equally and justly, but a group of separatist fighters emerged all the same, this would have been a completely different scenario. One that would warrant a robust military solution. And the people would be behind the government which would easily prevail in such circumstances.

What is going on though, is quite the opposite. The people see themselves in the fighters. They identify with them. They give them support. Despite the excesses some of them commit, overall the Anglophone population is behind the fight.

They may not identify with the concept of separation but make no mistake, they want change.

This problem, at its heart is about Injustice. It is not about war. Only Justice can correct injustice and the type of justice we seek can not be found at the end of the barrel of a gun.

Lesson 3. You can win a war but still lose a fight.

As explained above, if you prescribe the wrong solution to a right problem, you have already lost the fight.

Mr. Biya may not know this, but he has already lost this fight.
He has all the military superiority-better trained soldiers, better equipment and military gears, the full weight of the government and the law, a budget of almost $300 million.

So, why is he finding it difficult to defeat the rebels?

In my opinion, it is because he is violating the laws of nature. This war is wrong, unjust and unfair. It is based on treating an entire people as “not equal” to the rest.

Because nature abhors injustice, eventually the people would rise up to fight up for themselves. As Abraham Lincoln said. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

For Anglophones, their time has come and there is nothing Mr. Biya can do about it except to accept the inevitability of Justice, for the full weight of providence is behind us.

Because of his military superiority, Mr. Biya can kill all
the people of the Northwest and Southwest regions, but if he does and takes over our land, corn will refuse to grow, coffee and cocoa will stop bearing fruits. Bananas, yams, coco yams, rice and all our fruits will stop germinating. Our entire land and air will become still and life will stop, in solidarity with the people. This is the force of nature.

It is for these reasons that I am confident we will win this fight. No matter what.

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