By Tonga Mriranda

Help, Help ,Help.My house is on fire.PLease ,Please, don’t rape me.Stop,Stop i don’t want anymore beatings.Mother i am hungry and cold.I want to go home! Neighbours,Neighbours come ohhh my son has been killed! My husband has been shot ohhhh.Help me! This is what La Republique government is subjecting the people of Southern Cameroon to.Now,tell me.
What would you do if something terrible were to happen to you,your family and your future?

Would you sit back and be destroyed,or,would you stand up and fight back with every strength you have left in you? Well,i am a proud Ambazonian activist and i will fight for a better tomorrow for our beloved Southern Cameroon.Fight till our beloved and blessed land is free.Enough is enough.

People thing Cameroon is rich in raw materials.The truth is,this richness in raw materials is om Ambaland.La Republique has nothing to offer.That is,by the way.

I come from the North west region of Cameroon precisely Ngungetunja in the Mezam division of Cameroon.This area, is one of the two regions of Southern Cameroon. My people have been killed and are still being killed in their homes,my fellow sisters are being raped indiscriminately,homes of our poor mothers,grandmothers are being burnt. Houses that were
built from farm work,selling foodstuff in Ndop market and soya business. The corrupt government of La Republique heartlessly burnt these houses to ashes.

Oh,what did we,the people of Southern Cameroon,these poor mothers do to deserve such cruelty?You left our people and our families hopeless and homeless,our land not habitable. The president of La Republic of Cameroon has made it his business to ensure that the killings dont stop.To him,the people will give up the revolution. I can assure you Mr.president,that, that will be a long wait.It is rather unfortunate that new families keep weeping over their dead loved ones and nothing has still been done.

People are meant to feel safe in their homes and the contrary here is true.The streets are far from being safe,the forests and bushes also.
My people have become prisoners on their own lands.The international bodies have remained quiet to our cry.Their newsrooms have never mentioned none of the despicable acts of inhumanity and barbarism that are happening in Southern Cameroon.

Be mindful of the fact that, Cameroon has English as its official language because Britain was one of its colonial masters.We have carried out a series of protests asking the commonwealth to help us, our people back home and to safeguard our land..All we get are just promises.

WE have written countless petitions to the UK government to intervene in our plight but again all we got and still getting are just words on white sheets of paper.In England,such killings and cruelty carried out on the people of Ambazonia are considered ‘ terrorists attacks ‘. La Republique government is carrying out terrorist acts on the people of Southern
Cameroons.This because Southern Cameroonians have had enough from the government of Cameroon.

For years now,we have been marginalised,we go to the best universities yet we need and have to bribe our way into government recruitments and white collar jobs. When you walk into a government office in La Republique capital,you are compelled to speak French Language.When you apply for a job,just from the name on your application, you are being branded ’anglo-fou’ and that application of yours will be rejected instantly. People of who succeed in getting good jobs or white collar jobs have either changed their names to Atangana or Onana,or have a La republique godfather somewhere,or has sold their properties to afford to bribe for a job! How pathetic! Is that a system that one has to continue
live with? NO. Does La Republique government think that a people can be subjected to this and live like this forever? I DO NOT THINK SO.We must fight as enough is enough.We raised our voices to call for separation and independence from such a decay system,we are being treated and branded terrorist,separationist.We are Ambazonians the new rising Nation.We will fight till our statehood is restored.

We have risen to fall no more.Our voices will be and must be heard.Forward ever backward never.It is my right to fight against bad oppression and discrimination and i will not stop exercising this right. The international bodies are pretending that everything is under control.But i tell you,Southern Cameroon is in chaos.We need to restore our statehood,build our ambaland with resources that La republique is milking from our land.We need to get treaties signed,we need another
referandum.La republique has failed us so,it is very logical that we the Ambazonians want a Divorce from them. Yes, our forefathers were cargouled and deceived into Unification back in the 1960’s.But the truth is, that Union is not and has never worked.

We want a divorce bill and as a minority we need the international bodies to step up their games and let La Republique grant us our Freedom.We will not stop the protest.Our voices will be heard. ‘A child that says the mother will not sleep at night,he too will also not sleep!’ The struggle
continues.All for one,one for all.History will remember us freedom fighters of Ambazonia.

From the Ndop plain

Comrade Tonga Mriranda celebrating 1st of October 2018 at 10 Downing street

Winih M T

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