By Lesley Funwie

1. Wrong timing. Disarmament normally comes at the end of a war not in the course of a war. There has been no cease fire so how can the process be effective?

2. Wrong context: disarmament normally should be a result of negotiation between the waring parties with agreed terms by both sides. It is not one side of the conflict to decide to disarm the other.

3. Wrong members: the appointed members constitute only the persons of one of the waring factions. How can my enemy tell me he intends to disarm me and rehabilitate me if its not a strategy to get me killed?

4. Wrong perspective: putting boko haram and the pro-independence fighters of Ambazonia together a way to call pro independence fighters TERRORISTS . Amba is not terrorism. Terrorists don’t carry governments to court; terrorists don’t call for negotiations; terrorists attack the victims and don’t defend a territory they call their own; terrorist don’t work for people’s interest; terrorist don’t refer to international law. Amba is not terrorism so biya is wrong with his committee.

5. Wrong believe: Biya still believes that after the Godgomo commission failed in January 2017 and the Musonge commission failed at its creation the disarmament committee will succeed. Or does he think he can blind fold the world every time? Does he think amba will buy that crap? Wrong believe.

6. Wrong era: Ruling by decree on very vital matters is the style of the 1980s. The world has evolved and in a democratic society people seek consensus before going things like this.

Who is advising biya. Authoritarianism is failing him.

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