By Ngu Desmond SCNC-UK activist

Southern Cameroons was the southern part of the British Mandate territory of British Cameroons in West Africa, Who got their independence in 1961 and decided to join with French Cameroon to Form a Government, Since 1961 it has been part of the Republic of Cameroon. For close to six decades now Southern Cameroons has been under dictatorship of French Cameroon under the leadership of President Paul Biya where we have been marginalized, tortured , killed because we want our independence restored. Since 1994, pressure groups in the territory have sought independence from the Republic of Cameroon. The Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) was one of the pressure group which was founded in 1995 by Frederick Alobwede Ebong,Peter Forchu Chesami , Nfor Ngala Nfor and others.SCNS is a self-determination organisation seeking the independence of the anglophone Southern Cameroons from the predominantly francophone Republic of Cameroon (La République de Cameroun). It is a non-violent organization with the motto “The force of argument, not the argument of force.” Because the SCNC advocates separation from Cameroon, it has been declared an illegal organization by the government of Paul Biya. Security forces regularly interrupts SCNC meetings, arresting members and imprison them for no just course, While in prison they are tortured to a point where some do loss their life. Due to this high level of discrimination, the various pressure groups in the territory have sought independence by coming together to declare the territory of Southern Cameroons an independent nation with the name Republic of Ambazonia which has it own Flag, anthem and language.SCNC self-determination organisation seeking the independence have its branches all over the world with the same aims and objectives. I am a proud member of the United kingdom Branch. SCNC UK has it own governing administration which I am part of, which insures the proper running SCNC of United Kingdom. The governing administration is in charge of organization of SCNC meetings, getting protest permit, organizing sensitization protests mostly in London and other parts of the United Kingdom. We protest regularly with the last being on the October 1st, 2018 at Number 10 Downing street and Common Wealth Office with Petition which we submitted to The Prime Minister Theresa May and Patricia Scotland respectively. The aim of our protects is to sensitize the world as whole and the leader in UK of the ongoing Genocide in Southern Cameroons.There is an ongoing Genocide in Southern Cameroons now where children, mothers, father and grand parents are been gunned down and even burnt in their houses without no care for human life, All these torture and killings are done under the authorization of the Government of French Cameroon . The President of French Cameroon declared War on Southern Cameroonians and also called all activists in the diaspora as separatist promising to arrest and repatriate them back to Cameroon as was the case of the Nera 12 in nigeria where Sisiku Ayuk Tabe the then Southern Cameroons interim government president was arrested along side 12 members of his cabinet and sent back to Cameroon where they have remained incommunicado now for almost a year. All activist s in the diaspora are so scared to go back home not only because of the threats by President Paul Biya, but also because others went back and where arrested, tortured and imprisoned.I stand for the independence of Southern Cameroons and I will continue as an active member of the SCNC to protest until we get our full independence from Republic of Cameroon (La République de Cameroun). We are a free and Independent Nation, we most fight for our independence so as to keep the dreams of our ancestors and all the fallen hero. The struggle for our Independence is much a life and we most keep fighting for our freedom. Short live the struggle, long live Ambazonia.

 Ngu Desmond SCNC-UK activist All For One, One For All.

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